Episode 84: Embrace the Evolution: Crafting a New Version of Your Beautiful Soul-Led Life

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What is the next version of your Beautiful Soul-Led Life? When you sit in silence and deeply listen, what are you being called towards? These are things I’ve been asking myself for awhile now, and I wanted to share more about my experience on the podcast, because I recognize that for all of us it takes a lot of courage to gift ourselves permission to bring one version of our Beautiful Soul-Led Life to completion and really leap into the next. 

In this potent episode, you’ll hear: 

  • What often holds us back from moving into a new version of our Beautiful Soul-Led Life and some of the challenges that encounter with it [4:02]
  • Specific questions you can ask yourself and what you’ll notice as a version of your Beautiful Soul-Led Life is coming to completion [5:40]
  • How to look at this through the Indie and what having the support of this FemmeType will allow you to do [6:29]
  • The way in which the New Yorker FemmeType will support you in aligning with the actions that are most congruent with the unfolding of the new version of your Beautiful Soul-Led Life [9:58] 

If you know there’s a calling, if you know there’s a shift and you’re receiving a nudge inside of you that you’re being called to move towards a new version of your Beautiful Soul-Led Life, then I hope this episode and what I share today helps you. The next beginning can be very uncomfortable, but it’s in this place where you’ll truly find the space of receiving. 

What is the next version of your Beautiful Soul-Led Life that is on the horizon for you? I’d love to hear about it, so send me a DM on Instagram, @taraannmarino or at our new account, @elegantfemme.ef. 

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“Because we’re so afraid of moving into the new version of our Beautiful Soul-Led Life we hold onto things, especially if the current version of our Beautiful Soul-Led Life is pretty.” [4:36] 

“Be really honest with the subtle whispers of your soul. Our souls came here to experience, our souls came here to learn, [and] to remember the truth of who we are.” [5:16] 

“As a version of your Beautiful Soul-Led Life is coming to completion, you’ll start to feel this tug mixed with, in my experience, some discontent that can feel very frustrating and confusing.” [5:54] 

“We all have a version of who we know ourselves to be based on our experiences, based on what it is we’ve allowed up until this point.Your Indie [FemmeType] is here to support you in who you want to remember that you are.” [6:46] 

“When we start to get a little desensitized to life, like [in] a ‘been there, done that, got the t-shirt’ kind of way, your Beautiful Soul-Led Life might be calling you into a new version.” [9:44]

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