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modern women who want to embody their feminine & create a life that reflects their deepest heartfelt desires  

Elegant Femme supports modern women to create and experience a life they love through online programs, digital courses and high end coaching.
By embracing your deepest beauty and truth and honoring your authentic Soul's calling you can live the life you are meant for, through a proprietary system called The FemmeTypes.

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Bonjour gorgeous femme


Feeling a stirring inside? You are so grateful for the life you and and yet...something is missing. Something feels off and you don't quite know what it is. Being called to live your life differently? Do you feel lost inside, knowing you are capable of more...but you feel exhausted, and quite frankly tired of it. You are tired of being to 'go-to' strong one for everyone around you. When you get super honest, you are feeling a little (beaucoup) resentful.  You know you have to prioritize yourself and what truly matters to you-NOW. Because a wasted life is much, much more painful than the fear of saying a full hearted OUI OUI to your truest calling.
You just need support to discover what that is.

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New to Elegant Femme? Start with our quiz. You will find out exactly what aspect of you is out of balance so you can align with your power, experience life with more ease and receive abundance without forcing.


The Soul of Beauty novel coming soon. Click here to get on the waiting list.


What you need when you need it. Inspiration and practical tools for living a Beautiful Soul-Led life on your terms.


I’m Tara, the creator of Elegant Femme

Who is this Femme?

Edgy yet chic, Timeless and powerful. Can drop an f bomb and mediates daily. Committed to growth and evolution. Loves a good deep convo about spirituality and fresh white roses delivered to her doorstep. Can stay at the finest hotels and yet go camping...ok glamping. She is feisty and sarcastic, super funny and magnetic.
My style is Soul meets Beauty.
So where you might see this is when I use a Bottega handbag and an ashram to explain a Beautiful Soul Led life
or I share how the FemmeTypes started with sketching lingerie to heal me before the loss of my first son Mason.
I draw inspiration from boutique hotels, luxury spas, travel, the French language.
And I intend to inspire my clients to live their own unique version of their Beautiful Soul-Led life and honor ALL of who they are.   

Frenchie, EnNeAgram 4, ManifestinG Generator, Author, Fashion Designer, Lover of beauty and soul

Tara is a role model for a whole new way of living. She is leading the feminine shift that is happening in the world right now. 

-Ali Brown, entrepreneur, angel investor, featured on secret millionaire



You deserve to look good, feel good and experience massive amounts of wealth. Stop overcompensating, let go of pressure and anxiety. Stop pretending  you have limits-it's time to boldly and courageously say OUI OUI to your Beautiful Soul-Led RICHE life

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Raw denim live-edge vegan chia. Brooklyn mixtape cloud bread, subway tile chia venmo chartreuse cronut.

 private haute couture coaching


Exclusive private coaching with Tara. Limited to only 4 clients a year.
Investment starts at 125k.

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Weekly Tips on living Your Beautiful Soul-Led Life, with ease.
I interview some of my fav people who are living their version of a Beautiful Soul-Led life. You will leave inspired, relieved and excited about your ability to co-create a life you ADORE.

NO. 1 - where it all began


No. 2 - What is a Beautiful Soul-Led life?


No. 3 - My personal healing journey


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Espresso, coup de champagne, french pharmacy finds, deep conscious conversations, conscious spending, increasing elegant wealth...your life, your terms Beautiful and Soul-Led.

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Master cleanse +1 marfa DIY, echo park butcher tattooed fanny pack gentrify authentic synth. Four dollar toast intelligentsia stumptown tumeric sriracha. Craft beer ugh poutine deep v.

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Creation Guide


Receive what you desire

The simple system to Receiving Everything You Desire in the Next Year. If you want the exact process I use to get clarity on what I want and how to get it click below for your free gift. 

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REady to feel balanced, Beautiful and Bold?

If you are over the push, over the force and you know there is a better way to live...if you just had the support you require. I got you Femme.  This is the essential support structure for the modern woman.
Ready to live your life on your terms EVERY day.
Want to know how a Beautiful Life starts with a Beautiful Day?



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