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Do you ever wonder what your life would feel like if you had nothing to prove?

You’ve spent your whole life proving you’re the best partner, mom, and colleague in the room. You’ve achieved more than most, yet that voice in your head keeps saying you’re not there yet. You are grateful for all that you have, and yet you know inside you are called to more. 

A life where you welcome je ne sais quoi — that indescribable embodiment of feminine beauty, pleasure, and love that satisfies your soul. A life where you experience deep love in your relationship with yourself and others. A life where you can breathe deeply and take your time because abundance is surrounding you.

Now imagine what would happen if you embraced the abundant life you deeply desire?

... and that’s just the beginning.

less chaos

more balance

less controlling

more living

less guilt

more joy


You were made to experience a life full of richness and joy. We’re here to support you on the journey to uncover and embody it.

Oui, Oui

Bonjour, Chérie

I’m Tara

Frenchie, EnNeAgram 4, ManifestinG Generator, Author, Fashion Designer, Lover of beauty and soul

Elegant Femme was born when I healed my own relationship with desire. Miraculously, that journey revealed my life’s purpose–– to support women as they awaken the truth of their feminine souls.

This work is ethereal, it’s transcendent, it’s transformative. And you, too, can let go of unworthiness and guilt to reveal beauty and truth. Trust yourself, femme. You were created to experience the pleasure-filled life you desire.

Mentor, maman, & creator of the FemmeTypes that guide women to their most sacred & heartfelt desires.



Tara is a role model for a whole new way of living. She is leading the feminine shift that is happening in the world right now. 

Ali Brown

entrepreneur, angel investor, featured on secret millionaire

You have everything you need inside of you…


we help you uncover what's hiding, then go deeper.

Inspired by our French fashion roots, we offer a rotation of programs in seasonal collections.

Each collection can include group programs, private coaching, and live events where femmes like you lean into creation energy and discover a new belief, a new identity, a new opportunity, or a new experience.

Are you called to gift yourself the freedom of being femme?


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A 5-session class to awaken pleasure, receive what you desire, and honor your sacred YES so you can write yourself a blank check for life.

Activate your true power as a woman & live on the edge of creation as you implement all 9 Femme Codes into your life for a soul-connecting & beauty-inspiring transformation.

Welcome expansion energy and receive the paradigms of health, wealth, beauty, & love like never before.



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An exquisite 4-month live container with Tara to enhance the support of your FemmeTypes and create a vessel to seek & embody more in your life in community with Femmes around the world. 

A transformative 2-hour experience to gain clarity on what you’re truly seeking and then align actions to support it.

A vibrant & gorgeous travel guide to support chic experiences as you explore the world with your FemmeTypes in sync.

Tune in..

the beautiful soul-led podcast

Tara shares a mix of lived experiences, spiritual teachings, and practical tools to help you cultivate an outpouring of beauty in your life. Listeners receive the gift of insight and conversations that encourage you to honor your most authentic and abundant life. 


Inspiring modern women to embrace their desire for beauty so they can illuminate their soul’s truth & purpose.



This free 5-day masterclass experience illuminates, awakens, and activates a woman’s yearning to live like she never has before.

It’s your time, femme. Welcome abundace into your world. 

Presence, pleasure, & power — gift yourself permission to it all.


Le Blog is a collection of soulful encouragement, beauty inspiration, and lifestyle tools to help you uplevel your feminine power.


Receive support and reveal your soul-led impact & influence.

This is where femmes unveil their true & limitless life.