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Bonjour...I'm Tara

It’s Friday!

And in our Elegant Femme world, that means it’s Frenchie Friday.

For a long time, I wasn’t on board with this concept.

If you’re new around here, I’ll give you the cliff notes version of what Frenchie Friday is all about.

The Frenchie FemmeType represents your playful side… She’s attracted to joy. To beauty. To fulfilling relationships. To pleasure.

Since early on in Elegant Femme’s history, Tara has been practicing Frenchie Friday.

It’s the concept of setting some time aside on each Friday to honor your Frenchie.

It could be going to the spa. Or getting your nails done (at home or at a salon.) Getting your hair done. Going for a walk to appreciate beauty.

The action is not important to me or anyone else. It has to be important to you!

To feel good. To reflect you giving yourself some attention.

Early on, I didn’t get this concept.

I thought if it’s Monday – Friday, you’re supposed to focus on work. I thought the weekend was for these Frenchie things.

I came from a corporate background. Working 10-12 hours a day was standard.

So when Tara started touting the Frenchie Friday concept, it didn’t land for me.

And I wasn’t very supportive of the concept.

Tara told me she needed the break. She needed to focus on her version of beauty on Fridays. And how this “downtime” actually fueled her.

Then I saw the effect it had, and I changed my tune.

She recharged her batteries during the hour (or 3) she took to focus on her Frenchie.

She came out with new business ideas. New perspectives. New positivity for what’s possible.

I got to see it firsthand, and I began to embrace the concept.

For her.

As I write this, I realize I haven’t always done this enough for myself.

In the last few months, I feel great about how I have honored more play, pleasure, joy, and relationships in my life.

But in the not-so-distant past, I felt like I needed to be more productive, so I wouldn’t focus on anything Frenchie related during the day.

It’s Italian for men, but I’ll keep it Frenchie for simplicity.

Funny enough, I’ve been considerably MORE productive and on purpose since I’ve been spending more “me time.”

My me time isn’t always on a Friday, though.

My 6x-a-week (daytime) workouts are Frenchie behavior.

I consider playing poker with friends on Saturday night to be a Frenchie activity. No judgments 🙂

My daily walks with Tara on the beach are a Frenchie activity.

Sitting out on the deck for 90 mins yesterday and soaking in the sun was a Frenchie activity.

In the past, I would have judged myself for doing this stuff.

But, now with reflection, I realize the balance is good for me.

It’s good for you too. Not me honoring my Frenchie, silly.

When you honor your Frenchie it’s good for your soul.

Today’s encouragement is to give yourself a few moments to tap into your Frenchie. Have some fun. Bring some beauty and joy into your life.

It’s productive for you to tap into your Frenchie energy.

Have fun with it. You got this.

Be good.

Dave “embracing Frenchie Friday” Marino

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I’ll see you tomorrow.

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Dave Marino


Dave Marino fell in love with a girl when he was 24. After a shotgun wedding, he grew and evolved... He was stretched along the way by the original Elegant Femme, Tara Marino. Through a stroke of unforeseeable circumstances, he began writing newsletters and now a blog for Elegant Femme which covers his thoughts, struggles, & life lessons learned. Follow him on Instagram @thedavemarino. One day he may decide to post on there. 

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