Julie Solomon on getting what you want and her new book

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Today’s guest holds a special place in my heart, the beautiful Julie Solomon, who I had the honor of recently interviewing. When I started this podcast she played a pivotal role, as you’ll hear, and I just knew that I wanted her to appear on the show once it was launched.  I consider this episode with Julie more than just an interview though, as it’s more about two powerful women coming together to have a conversation about visibility, asking for and getting what you want in your Beautiful Soul-Led Life, and what’s truly possible for women when they give themselves the opportunity to shine.

Julie Solomon is a Speaker, Business Coach, Host of the top rated The Influencer Podcast, and Author of the upcoming book, Get What You Want: How to Go From Unseen to Unstoppable (in fact, if you’re listening on the day that this episode goes live, June 7th, today is such a special day because Julie’s new book just released)!

Julie was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee and graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree in journalism and digital media. In her early career, she worked as a publicist representing top musicians and thought leaders such as Lenny Kravitz and Dave Ramsey. When Julie was fired by a PR client, which triggered an intense break out of hives for a week, she realized how working without a purpose was negatively affecting her. She then worked with a life coach and transitioned into the thriving entrepreneur she is today.

Julie has launched several successful online programs including Pitch It PerfectThe Influencer Academy, and SHINE Mastermind, which teach clients how to master the important skill sets needed to take a personal brand idea and turn it into a profitable, sustainable business (such as cherry picking brand partnerships that make you thousands a month, or introducing yourself to an influential community of leaders and getting them excited to support you). In her weekly podcast, The Influencer Podcast, Julie offers up real-time coaching, straight talk, and conversations about business growth and personal development to her millions of listeners worldwide. With over a decade of experience in helping individuals turn messages into movements, Julie empowers entrepreneurs to expand their brand and grow their influence.

Julie’s work has been featured in top tier outlets including, FORBES, Entrepreneur, Business Weekly, SUCCESS, and People Magazine. And she was recently named one of the Top 100 leaders in Influencer Marketing by Influence.Co.

Her upcoming book, Get What You Want, is for people who are tired of being told “just be yourself,” and teaches you how to shake off outdated ideas of what is possible and use your newfound belief to make anything you want happen. Most importantly, it gives you confidence to love and accept yourself so you become unstoppable.

Julie’s daily routine involves journaling, a movement practice, pulling tarot cards and meditating. When she’s not traveling to big cities like Los Angeles, Miami or New York, she enjoys skincare and expanding her knowledge on astrology, horoscopes, and manifestation as spirituality and maintaining connection to a higher power is important to her.

Julie currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, award-winning actor and activist Johnathon Schaech, two children, Camden and Lily Jo.

This time with Julie was so beautiful, and I have so much respect and love for her. My intention with having her join me today is that you get to know this powerful woman, and utilize her journey and perspectives as an inspiration as you live your own Beautiful Soul-Led Life. I can’t wait to see the impact that her new book has on the world, and if this episode resonates with you, please let us know your biggest takeaways @elegantfemme1 and @julssolomon.In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The story of how Julie’s support led to the creation of this podcast [5:45]
  • Her reminder for us as women to always stop to celebrate our accomplishments [8:04]
  • Why it’s often a challenge for us to honor and embody the sensation of growth and success [9:42]
  • The constant struggle she faces of balancing her relentlessness [14:43]
  • What the book launch process revealed to Julie, and the expansion she’s experiencing as a result [17:53]
  • How the online marketing space has shifted since the pandemic started, and why we both feel it’s a good thing as the industry needed to be challenged [21:38]
  • A time that she realized she was in victim-mode, and what she did to change this limiting belief [26:08]
  • Her thoughts on visibility and what’s coming up for her in this area as she releases her new book [29:06]
  • How true visibility, or “shining”, always starts with yourself [30:45]
  • Why Julie feels like she’s just getting started in so many ways, and what she has to be aware of energetically as she progresses on her journey [35:41]
  • The ways that she’s making her book different than others in the space, and the one book that Julie read that cracked open new possibilities for her when she read it [39:38]A special invitation for you from Julie [45:42]

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A couple weeks ago, I had a private day with a client and she shared with me how difficult it was for her to structure her day. 

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