The importance of a beautiful environment

Frenchie Friday

issue 0801MAR 2019

My external environment is so important to me, and it always has been.

I used to think I was selfish for desiring gorgeous things in my life. I tried to talk myself out of it being important…

You know the truth?

A beautiful environment is a HEALING environment.

My body immediately relaxes and I can feel the space I require to work, play and love.

Your Frenchie requires an external environment that pleases her…

And before you go there, no it doesn’t need to be expensive.

It can be simple little touches that make a big difference.

For example, here is a night stand set up that supports your Frenchie in waking up feeling beautiful.

1. Silk eye mask

2. Carafe of water with a wine glass

3. Small vase with one flower of your choice (preferably your signature flower)

4. A spiritual touch (for me its my rosary beads and a statute of Mother Mary. It can be anything that allows you to feel connected with your source.)

Start here with your nightstand and see the difference it makes!

Enjoy Frenchie Friday,

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