Episode 28: The Power Of The Divine Feminine with Dr Alisha Das

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With this podcast I always want to speak with people that I love and care about, that I know, and that I’m deeply inspired by. Today’s conversation with Alisha Das is just that, and what you’ll hear in this episode is girl chat at the highest and most beautiful level.

Dr. Alisha Das, DSS, is masterful in a wide range of modalities, including psychology, spiritual counseling and life coaching. For two decades, Alisha has had a thriving private practice as well as facilitating over two hundred personal growth seminars. She presented the keynote speech at an event opened by multi-platinum artist Moby. Her new Radio Show, the Alisha Das-Live Your Love show is already in the top 10 shows of the prestigious Healthy Life network. Alisha’s article  on Byron Katie received 5 million hits and was featured on the front page of the Huffington Post. Alisha may assist you to release limitations from this life (and past lives) and empower you to connect directly to Spirit so you come present to your joyous divine nature. She is especially known for assisting you to access the immense gifts of Archangels and your own Archangelic nature.

Today’s episode is an opportunity to witness Alisha talk about some of her beautiful work, her prayers and how we can allow ourselves to transcend. We’d love for you to let us know how it serves you by tagging us, @alishakdas and @elegantfemme1.

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The scarcity mindset that brings on the dark feminine and how to heal that part of ourselves [10:41]
  • Why it’s so important to balance the masculine and femimine, while resisting the urge to always be “doing” [18:40]
  • The nuance of discernment for the highest good and how it can show up [21:54]
  • A look at the role spirit plays in spirituality, and a look at what our true calling as women really is [30:28]
  • What Alisha is being called to do at this very moment [36:22]


  • #1: “I know that speaking for myself, I can get over-masculine. I can get into doing and not even thinking about what I need to do, by just throwing massive action at it.” [Alisha, 18:40]
  • #2: “That’s the number one quality of the divine feminine, it’s the receptivity to spirit. I think that we can get misunderstood, that women are just to receive from men. No, we can receive from spirit.” [Alisha, 19:22]
  • #3: “For me, it’s looking at is the resistance because some part of me is being wise, or is it resistance to being that greater spirit where some part of me is resisting being dissolved, because ego has to die for us to really be in greater alignment, or is the resistance just about creative angst? For me, it tends to be about proving myself.” [Alisha, 24:54]
  • #4: “Gift ourselves that permission to really live our Beautiful Soul-Led Life from that context, to let go of the fear of perfection.” [Tara, 35:12]

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