Episode 31: What To Do When “Perfect” Isn’t Available

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Bonjour...I'm Tara

I’m actually walking down the street as I record this episode in the Biltmore area of Phoenix, Arizona, going to an event being put on by a woman I love.

As much as I wanted to record this episode in perfect conditions, with clear audio, I felt called to press “record” right now and do a short episode for you today, which is why you’re going to hear my footsteps as I walk, the traffic driving by, road construction, and all the distractions around me (you’ll even get to hear when someone enters into a conversation with me). This is life, and I feel that it ties into what I talk about in this episode.

Have you been waiting for things to be “perfect” to do something, or maybe you’ve been overly attached to an end result and not truly awake in life?

You’re not alone, and I hope this episode inspires you to take a look this week at the places in your life where you’ve been holding back. Let this be an opportunity for you to be in your power, be in your truth and trust yourself to activate and engage in your life fully, no matter what is going on around you, as I don’t want you to miss out on allowing your Beautiful Soul-Led Life to come to you.

Before we dive into the episode, I have to let you know about something exciting that’s in the works. If you love, or if you’ve been called to fashion and luxury and you don’t quite know how to embody it, we have something coming soon inside of Elegant Femme, so stayed tuned for all the details!

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What we so often have a tendency to do when the perfect moment just isn’t available [2:54]
  • The problem with being overly attached to the idea of perfection [5:13] 
  • Why I feel so strongly that we need to always be awake in life, from my own experiences [5:29]
  • The role that aligned action plays in this process of living life fully awake [6:22] 
  • What meditation is, and isn’t, about [8:10]


  • #1: “I was in observation mode and everyone just had their heads down, rushing to the next destination, like they had blinders on. If you have seen the horse races, the horses have blinders on and they’re just so intensely going.” [3:41]
  • #2: “Where are the spaces in your life where you may be overly trying to be perfect, you may be waiting for the perfect moment, or you may be pulling yourself out of life?” [4:44]
  • #3: “As soon as we move into the energy of how, control, and managing, we pull ourselves out of the feminine frequency and we pull ourselves out of our sense of receiving.” [8:32]
  • #3: “When we’re overly attached to perfection, when we’re waiting for the ‘right’ moment, or when we’re so hell bent on rushing from one thing to the next thing, we are not experiencing our Beautiful Soul-Led Life.” [5:13]
  • #4: “We need to have our eyes open, our hearts open, our minds open, be aware of our souls, and be aware of where our Beautiful Soul-Led Life is leading us, in order to be able to experience this or something better.” [6:13]

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