Episode 56: The Beauty Episode: The key to external beauty

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Bonjour...I'm Tara

Today I want to talk about the opportunity we have as women for liberation and freedom, specifically when it comes to expressing our own beauty and the way that we relate to ourselves. 

It’s important to highlight that it’s not about what anybody else likes, it’s about what you like. The way you choose to represent your own beauty in the world is nobody else’s business but your own, and that is the key to external beauty! 

In this potent episode you’ll hear:

  • Reflections on my own journey with my appearance and the ways in which my Frenchie FemmeType has evolved [3:00]
  • The power we have to make the choice to embrace our own beauty [9:52]
  • What I invite you to lean into if you find yourself having judgments around surface-level beauty [10:30]
  • A deeper look at the body image conversation and the false sense of control that comes with it [14:13]
  • What you can do this week as you contemplate what your own expression of external beauty [15:31]

If this episode and message on beauty resonates with you and you want more beauty in your life, we have a brand new program called La Belle Vie! As mentioned in last week’s episode, it will include a special bonus, The Frenchie Guide to La Belle Vie, and you can reserve your spot now at www.elegantfemme.com/belle


“It doesn’t matter what anybody else likes, it’s about you and what you like. If you like your grey [hairs] or you don’t, if you like your wrinkles or if you don’t, if you like your body exactly the way it is or you want to shift it, change it, and have it be a different representation of who you are, it’s your choice.” [9:52] 

“The way you choose to represent your own beauty in our world is nobody else’s business but your own. As long as you’re in alignment with it and it’s coming from a place of wholeness inside of you, that’s what matters.” [11:09]

“What I’ve experienced in this false sense of control is that I had to manipulate myself to look a certain way to feel safe, to feel accepted and to feel value from myself.” [14:19] 

“Are we not taking care of ourselves because we’re afraid of visibility? Are we not taking care of ourselves in the way that we desire to take care of ourselves because we’re afraid of judgment?” [14:36] 

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