Episode 73: Finding Your “You-est You” with Julie Reisler

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When today’s guest was introduced to me by someone that I really trust, I just knew that she was a match for the energy that I want to bring to you with this podcast.

Julie Reisler is a brave dreamer who was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s (underactive thyroid disorder) over a decade ago and quickly realized the importance of holistic healing and honoring her voice at the mind, body and spiritual level. She went back to get her master’s degree in health & wellness coaching and she has since been on a mission to help entrepreneurial-minded women with overactive nervous systems and health conditions to align their life with their vision, values and vitality.

In this potent episode, you’ll hear:

  • Julie’s path to finding herself, her “you-est you” and one specific event that changed everything for her [9:54]
  • The steps she took after coming to the realization that things weren’t ok for her at a particular point in time [22:09]
  • How Julie overcame blocks around money and paying herself for the work that she does in the world [34:16]
  • The piece of femininity that is missing in the world right now and some of the ways we can each begin to honor ourselves more [47:03]
  • What we need to be aware of in terms of the divine power that is flowing through us [55:24] 

We would love to hear what resonated the most with you from this episode and how this conversation helps you tap into your higher self and your “you-est you”! You can send us a DM on Instagram, or tag us @taraannmarino and @juliereisler, and don’t forget to follow our new account @elegantfemme.ef. 

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I look forward to seeing you back here next week for a brand-new episode.  


“To me, we all have this soul-led self, or higher self, and that’s all I care about today. That was my intention for this year, just to follow God’s will, my intuition. We’ll see what happens and that was the first time it wasn’t an achievement or a goal, it’s that I wanted to be in alignment.” [Julie, 12:33] 

“The timing doesn’t always come when we think it will or we think that it’s right, but I know there is a greater soul diving timing.” [Julie, 22:43] 

“My job, and I believe our job, is tapping into higher self. It’s letting that ego, fear, comparison and all of that [go]. It might be there, you just get to choose if you are going to let that in.” [Julie, 29:51] 

“What you throw love on grows, so it really was a wake-up call. I realized I had to reshift how I was looking at this [business]. Even though I’m in love with this work, it’s a business. I would do it for free, but my husband [reminds me] this is a business and you’ve got to pay yourself.” [Julie, 41:03] 

“Sometimes when there’s so much power from the diving flowing through us, we don’t know how to fully integrate it. Sometimes the talking, the reflection and the awareness of what it is that’s actually occurring through us can be so healing.” [Tara, 55:23] 

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A couple weeks ago, I had a private day with a client and she shared with me how difficult it was for her to structure her day. 

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