Episode 74: All Things Lingerie & Beauty with Paloma Casile, the jeweler of lingerie

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Today’s special guest is a stunning woman whom I’ve come to know over the years. Paloma is someone who is so real and authentic, and she’s created a brand that is both beautiful and timeless, while also being edgy, and I am so happy to introduce you to her today so that you can hear her story.  

With lace and linen makers as great grandmothers, a maître artisan father and a stylist mother, Paloma’s steps are firmly grounded on the family’s creative path. After training in prestigious Parisian lingerie houses in 2012, at only 23 years old, Paloma launched her eponymous brand: Paloma Casile.

Ten years later, she is awarded with the esteemed “Maitre Artisan d’art” title. Bringing her recognizable edge to traditional technique, Paloma’s creations form a unique universe, made of delicate Calais lace, graphic lines, and signature metallic clasps.

In this potent episode, you’ll hear: 

  • Paloma’s story of growing up and a contest she won at 23 that completely changed her life [5:51]
  • How the process of creating lingerie became a healing process and why she now wants it to be a healing experience for all women [20:34]
  • The conversations that Paloma feels lingerie offers us as woman and the magic of our first experience with lingerie [30:36]
  • A common fear that women have attached to lingerie and the way that she helps eliminate that fear through her creations [44:46]

As you’ll hear at the end of this interview, we have a special code for the audience and a special offer that can be found at elegantfemme.com/Paloma. Listeners of this podcast will receive 10% off the current collection by using code EFXPC10 at checkout! 

We would love to hear what resonated the most with you from this episode and how this conversation helps you open up to the possibilities that lingerie presents for all women. You can send us a DM on Instagram, or tag us @taraannmarino and @palomacasile, and don’t forget to follow our new account @elegantfemme.ef. 

Do you have a question that you would like answered on an upcoming episode of the podcast too? You can email us, info@elegantfemme.com, and if it’s a question that I think can bring value to the community and listeners, I could answer it on a future episode of this podcast! 

Also, If you haven’t already, take our Femme Design Assessment and see which of your FemmeTypes are underutilized. 

I look forward to seeing you back here next week for a brand-new episode.  


“Really I tried to take steps [to look at] who I am. I have to put myself [first] and believe in me, because if I don’t, nobody is going to believe in me.” [Paloma, 14:09] 

“I think at first I was hiding behind that, because as a designer I was not showing myself and I was really behind-the-scenes.” [Paloma, 18:46] 

“It’s a lot of work. You need to go back to yourself, really to take that time. Most of the time I don’t do it, and I regret it every time.” [Paloma, 23:58]

“Most of the time they have lost count of their body. They have been mothers, have worked a lot, they didn’t give themselves time to buy a beautiful bra. My work is not to push for them to buy anything, my work is to really find the right piece for them.” [Paloma, 32:02] 

“What’s beautiful with lingerie is you don’t have to share it with anybody, because with a turtleneck and jeans, nobody will know. So, it’s something for yourself.” [Paloma, 35:01] 

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