Episode 86: Embracing the Uncomfortable: How Hard Choices Lead to True Alignment with Hannah Huante of HOWHANSEESIT

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Today I want to share a beautiful conversation I had recently had with a very special guest, Hannah Huante (or “Han”), about vulnerability, self-awareness, healing and the true essence of beauty. Han is someone who has fully embraced the willingness to make the tough choices on her healing journey and has done the inner work necessary, as she has evolved as not only the person she is today, but as a successful entrepreneur. 

Han built HOWHANSEESIT on her notion of unapologetic fashion and lifestyle, stressing individual style and confidence. Not only does she talk about all things fashion and styling, but she incorporates topics of mental health and her personal journey, leaving these conversations open for discussion with her followers, along with encouragement to always  ‘keep it real’ – which is what she does herself in this episode.

In this potent episode, you’ll hear: 

  • The personal healing journey Han has taken and her conscious decision to make the uncomfortable choices needed along the way [6:10]
  • Her impactful mission and the intentions she has when it comes to creating and having conversation with her community [12:14]
  • Han’s reflections on turning 27 and why she says that “looking in the mirror” is one of the hardest things to do for so many [20:00]
  • The common narrative we tell ourselves, how it causes us to stay stagnant and trapped, and how making the hard choices in life actually makes the most sense [25:26]
  • Her thoughts on building resilience and the resistance she had to face as her business evolved in new directions [32:26]
  • The way that Han has learned to love, accept and celebrate her own body [41:07]
  • Why we always need to be willing to have the conversation inside of ourselves and how this inner work never truly ends [49:01]

What Han shares here is so real and tender, and it serves as a reminder that as women we all have similarities and connections. Instead of judging each other, we need to see each other’s beauty. I am so glad to have gotten the opportunity to meet and speak with Han and to learn her insights and experiences, and that you too will now have the chance to get to know this powerful young woman.

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“I am so good at being vulnerable online, facilitating conversations and being really open about my own personal healing, but I have a really hard time being vulnerable in real life when there’s something at stake with people that can hurt me.” [Hannah, 9:45]

“I wanted people to just not feel alone. That was the extension of the podcast and it was a way to compliment that as well. I think you can feel when a creator cares or doesn’t care about their community and I just die for my mission; I feel so strongly about it.” [Hannah, 14:06]

“The reality is that not every person is watching what I wear and then going to the tag and buying exactly what I’m wearing. The point is to just inspire people with my personal choice in the hopes that they’ll make a personal choice and feel confident doing so.” [Hannah, 15:46] 

“I have deep self-awareness and I refuse to not look in the mirror. I’m incredibly scared of regret and not living to my full potential.” [Hannah, 21:28] 

“We all are experiencing new things all the time that are testing all the things we worked on and all of our past traumas we’ve gone through. You have to make a conscious choice to continue to push forward, which is incredibly hard.” [Hannah, 31:40]

“It’s just how I see it. You don’t have to agree, everyone’s opinion is welcome here. Do you and be confident, but this is just how I see it, so welcome.” [Hannah, 39:45]

“It’s normal to feel insecure sometimes, but you can’t let it define you. I think it got to a point where I couldn’t stop thinking about it, all the time.” [Hannah, 43:02] 

“Being able to have women around you that keep it real, who are vulnerable, willing to hold you accountable and have the hard conversations with you is so important as women in today’s day in age.” [Hannah, 50:59]

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