How to support your partner if they have crazy ideas

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If you’re in a relationship, chances are one of you has a crazy idea or two knocking around your brain.

It could be both of you!

And if you’re not in a relationship the content below will still benefit you.

Tara and I both have had some crazy ideas in our lives.

I remember Tara saying she wanted to attend Fashion School in her mid 30’s. Crazy idea.

Then she started a fashion line. Crazy idea.

Then she wanted to hold a fashion show in Paris. Another crazy idea.

For myself, I wanted to learn to sail. Crazy idea.

Then I almost crossed the Atlantic without any sailing experience on our old landlord’s 42″ catamaran. Crazy idea.

Maybe, I’ll share that story in a future email.

And I wanted to take my family on a sailboat for months with me as the captain. Crazy idea.

I had no previous experience with boats until I took a course and got my sailing license. Crazy idea.

I think we all have a little crazy in us. It’s a good kind of crazy. Filled with inspiration. Wonder. Hope.

And chances are, if you’re having conversations with your partner (or even yourself)… crazy ideas have come up.

Here are a few things we do to support each other with our crazy ideas.

#1 We play the “what if” game.

Rather than poo-poo an idea that may feel out there to one of us… We listen.

And we talk about “what if” we could sail around the world? What if we could start a fashion line?

What if (insert crazy idea)

Instead of closing the door on ideas, we try to be open to possibilities. Open to magic.

In transparency, this isn’t always easy for me. You may recall from another email I mentioned I have to work on “half-full” thinking.

Left unchecked, I might look for a bunch of reasons why ideas won’t work.

It’s helpful to recognize your default patterns.

It’s also beneficial to have one of you be a dreamer. It keeps life exciting.

#2 Get clear if your partner really wants this… If so support them.

At times we all may have crazy ideas that sound fun, but they don’t really resonate with what we want to do.

Sometimes when we are on road trips, I see a big RV and start talking about how it would be fun to travel the country in one.

The reality is I don’t want an RV. I just like some of the ideas involved.

I like the family being together. Going on adventures. Traveling. I like buying the provisions. Yes, I’m a weirdo.

But I’m sure RV living isn’t for me.

So when I bring this up, Tara listens and probably makes faces while I’m driving, looking ahead.

She entertains me:)

But it’s not something she gets behind because this is just fun dream talk that I’m not actually connected to.

Now, on the other hand, in 2005 (?) when I first spoke to her about sailing, she could see how it lit me up.

She could tell it’s something I wanted to experience at some point in my life. She could also see it scared the crap out of me.

I didn’t go on a sailboat until 2011. Again she could see how excited I was about it.

So what did she do? She encouraged me and my crazy idea.

Same as I encouraged her with her crazy idea to go to Paris Fashion School.

Once you know they really want it… and it’s important to their soul, then encourage them to take steps in that direction.

We have sailed for months at a time as a family with me as the captain. And Tara did have 2 epic fashion shows in Paris.

You can see (and order) the Italian made clothing here.

The support we gave each other was crucial to us achieving our crazy dreams.

#3 Keep up the encouragement

If they want it and it lights them up, then talk to them about it.

Help them look up info online. Help them dream. Help them plan.

That’s it.

These steps work for friends, parents, or children.

You don’t have to be married to a crazy dreamer in order to support someone to do something on their edge.

Final nugget. If you’re single or don’t have support at home, look for people that will support you with your crazy ideas.

Whether it’s a new business, a trip, or a new career, it doesn’t matter.

If your soul is called, it’s worth taking a step in that direction.

You did it. You made it. Thanks for being here.

Be good.

Dave “just a crazy dreamer” Marino

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