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Bonjour...I'm Tara

When I was growing up, it was just my dad and me.

My mom died when I was just 3, and my father didn’t have a serious romantic relationship after I was 8 years old.

It was just the two of us in our tiny apartment in Dobbs Ferry, NY.

I didn’t realize it then, but it was all testosterone all the time.

We didn’t have a live-in female presence to balance us out.

I was fortunate to have my maternal grandmother live close by.

She was as feminine as it gets, and she was always there for me.

Looking back, I can see how much I benefited from having her care for me in her own little ways.

She’d pick me up from school sometimes. Make me some after-school snacks or dinner.

Talk to me about my day and my life. Take me shopping for clothes.

She filled in some much-needed gaps in my life.

She showed me what receiving love from the feminine felt like.

I think her daughter (my mom) would have been really happy to see her mom take me under her wing.

Now I see how good it was for me to be around feminine energy as a kid. I needed it.

>>> Fast forward to my life now.

I still need it.

Not necessarily my own feminine energy. Although we all have a little Ying and Yang going on.

I cry when the dog dies in movies. I’m decent at having genuine compassion for people.

So there’s some natural feminine energy in me.

But that’s not where I meant to take this email:)


What I value so much now is I get to walk through life with Tara, who embodies her feminine energy.

And I need that in my life.

I didn’t know I needed it. So I never intentionally searched it out.

But after almost 22 years of marriage, I’m fully aware that her feminine energy balances me out.

When I’m angst… or angry… Her feminine energy soothes me.

Being around a woman who embraces her feminine positively affects me.

I think this energy has a positive effect on all men (and women).

We need you.

We need feminine perspectives.

We need feminine thoughts and feelings and even those conversations where you corner us and want to talk about your feelings.

We may try to run away or change the subject… but deep down, we benefit from your energy.

Today’s encouragement… if it feels good to you… is to tap more into your Feminine.

The world needs it.

I’m a little old school when it comes to masculine/feminine energies. (I’m not talking about all the gender conversations going on in our world. I love everyone).

I think when men tap into the masculine. And when women tap into the feminine, we help each other. We support each other.

We offer the other something that benefits both.

For me, it feels good to be a masculine energy/presence for Tara. And it feels so good to be around her feminine energy.

The feminine doesn’t come naturally to me. Yet I need it in my life. I soak it up like a dry sponge around water.

If you would like support on tapping more into your feminine, Tara’s new Moi program will help you do that.

The focus is on you falling in love with yourself. All of you.

Connecting with your feminine with regards to love, intimacy, money, relationships, purpose, and your legacy…

Moi is a 9-module, live course that helps you tap into your femininity on a deeper level.

You can join Moi here and save $1300.

Alright, we come to the space again where I get to express my gratitude for you.

Thank you for being here.

Be good.

Dave “taking email detours” Marino

PS. The moral of the story is when you tap into your feminine it has a positive impact on you and the world around you.

It makes you more powerful.

We need more of it!

PPS. It’s getting late in the day.

Did you think I was going to forget you today? Never! Your unforgettable Dave. See you tomorrow!

ALSO: Whenever you’re ready… here are more ways Elegant Femme can support you.

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Dave Marino


Dave Marino fell in love with a girl when he was 24. After a shotgun wedding, he grew and evolved... He was stretched along the way by the original Elegant Femme, Tara Marino. Through a stroke of unforeseeable circumstances, he began writing newsletters and now a blog for Elegant Femme which covers his thoughts, struggles, & life lessons learned. Follow him on Instagram @thedavemarino. One day he may decide to post on there. 

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