The Transition Phase – The College Drop off

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Your Beautiful Soul-Led Life is never stagnant, and there’s always a next level of growth, evolution, receiving, desire energy and connection to life force. Today, I want to speak further about the transition phases that I’m personally going through right now as a mother, and how it’s impacting me on my own journey.

My intention for each and every episode of this podcast is that it supports you, wherever you are, whatever it is and even if what you’re experiencing isn’t exactly the same as it is for me. My hope is that by sharing openly about the big changes that I’m going through and what it is bringing up for me, it will help you as you reflect on the phases you are going through right now in your very own Beautiful Soul-Led Life!

As I mentioned in last week’s episode about receiving more of what is calling you from the most aligned place inside, if you’re called to enter into the conversation, and you want more of what you desire in your Beautiful Soul-Led Life (without sacrificing who you are) you can go to and register for the free 2-day live masterclass, where you will receive the more from the most aligned essense of your soul. You can also receive information on The Beauty Age,, and exactly how to allow the phase you are in to support you to receive more.

If this episode inspires you in some way, take a screenshot of you listening on your device and post it to your Instagram Stories, and tag @elegantfemme1. J’adore if you would share, rate and review the show on your favorite podcast app, as it will help this message reach more listeners, and change more lives.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why it’s so necessary for us to honor each of the phases we will experience on on our journeys [4:32]
  • The resting phase and how rest is really an aligned action [7:46]
  • What happens when we try to skip or deny a phase [8:19]
  • The transition phase and something I have been very careful about during this current phase of my life that I’ve been going through [8:49]
  • A temptation we often experience in the transition phase that is the exact opposite of what we actually require [13:31]
  • What I am specifically doing as I go through this transition phase [18:07]


  • 1: “The resting phase is so necessary to reset our nervous system, to come into levels of trust with life and co-creation, and to understand that rest is an aligned action.” [7:46]
  • 2: “When we try to skip a phase or deny a phase, we just end up spinning. So if you’ve been feeling like you’re plateaued or you’re stuck wanting more and not feeling the integration of it, you might want to check out the beauty age I’m so excited to start.” [8:19]
  • 3: “To speak specifically about the transition phase, there’s this real temptation to fill the void. There’s a real temptation to skip over the feeling of emptiness and space. It’s the exact opposite of what we require, and it’s very challenging to sit in this space.” [13:31]
  • 4: “That space in-between when we’re going through that identity shift is such a beautiful, compassionate place to be, and we don’t need to override it.” [17:08]
  • 5: “I feel like as women, we’ve gotten so used to carrying so much that some of these natural reactions get kind of pushed underneath the carpet.” [19:10]

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