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Bonjour...I'm Tara

As I record this episode, we are counting down here and it’s just a week before we take our oldest son to college. This has been an interesting and challenging time for me, and it feels really intense. One of the amazing things that I’ve been reflecting on is the blessing I have to be fully present with him during this time, and to have the space to do so in my life. I’ve structured, created and curated my Beautiful Soul-Led Life so that I can consciously and intentionally enjoy these moments, which is what I desire for you to be able to experience as well.

Today’s episode is all about going higher in our lives, and aligning with the more in our lives from a very specific place inside of us. If you’re called to enter into the conversation, and you more of what you desire in your Beautiful Soul-Led Life, without sacrificing who you are, you can go to and register for the free 2-day live masterclass, where you will receive the more from the most aligned essense of your soul.

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What to consider about creating the space to actually lean into the more in your life [5:16]
  • A point in my life when I did want more, what that looked like for me, ad can look like for you [6:50]
  • The bigger question that we have to ask ourselves as we move into the more [9:36]
  • Why the more isn’t just for the sake of having more, and what this really means [13:01]
  • An exercise that you can do right now to find out what your more is [13:17]


  • #1: “We all know very wealthy people who have created more in their lives, that don’t have the space to actually enjoy what it is that they’ve created.” [5:16]
  • #2: “We have a tendency to judge that if the more is really aligned with us, it has to mean a certain thing or look a certain way or else the more is selfish, and it’s not.” [9:04]
  • #3: “It can be very scary to have that conversation [of wanting more], because we feel what we’ve been doing has created the Beautiful Soul-Led Life we have now, and who are we to want something more?” [11:15]
  • #4: “It’s not more for the sake of more. It’s more life in alignment with our souls, so that we can go higher, [to] higher and higher levels of evolution and consciousness. That to me is what it is truly about.” [13:01]

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