Episode 32:  The Energy and Frequency of Luxury

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I’m excited to talk about something that can, interestingly enough, be a little controversial, and that is luxury. There are things that all of us have been taught from when we were younger about what’s good, what’s bad, what’s right and what’s wrong, and today I’m specifically focusing on how these messages we’ve received apply to the vibration of luxury. This is the way that we allow ourselves to feel luxury in our bodies, and how we can start feeling and granting the permission inside to move from need to desire, at this very moment.

Before we dive into the episode, I have to let you know about something exciting that’s in the works. If you love, or if you’ve been called to fashion and luxury and you don’t quite know how to embody it, we have something coming soon inside of Elegant Femme, so stayed tuned for all the details! 

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How our own intimate relationship with luxury is influenced by how we were raised the messages we received about it [3:34]
  • A quote about luxury that I absolutely adore and why I love it so much [5:51]
  • The ways that the frequency of the “I need and have to” energy differs so differently from the luxury energy [7:56]
  • What luxury really means to me and how it is expressed differently in the world today [12:10]
  • One more special quote that I want to leave with you to ponder today [16:50]


  • #1: “We all have our own intimate relationship with luxury, and some of it comes from the way we were raised, what we were told was ok, and who we were told we were.” [3:34]
  • #2: “There’s an exclusivity to luxury, and I mean that in the most beautiful way. Not exclusivity as far as meaning to leave people out, but exclusivity as a point of selection with which we choose into this vibration.” [5:34]
  • #3: “Luxury rides on the frequency of desire. It’s not a have to, not a supposed to, it’s not I need to and I want to, but I desire to.” [6:34]
  • #4: “Many of us have been taught that it’s not ok for us to have something unless we need it, unless we can justify the existence of that in our lives, and we end up justifying the existence of things in our lives by proving we worked so hard for it.” [11:17]
  • #5: “So many of us hold ourselves back from the truest expression of who we are in the world and how we are being called to express ourselves in the world.” [13:01]

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