Episode 42: How to receive the most from life (even when you are frustrated or feeling off)

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For the last couple of days, for a number of reasons, my frustration level was not good. Everyone feels frustrated, or “off” at times, but what do we do when this happens? 

Today I want to bring forward an opportunity to gift ourselves permission to feel what we need to feel when we’re feeling it….

So let’s let go of this “Good Girl Syndrome” and the idea that we always have to show up in a certain way, and instead, allow ourselves to experience our humanness. 

By doing so, this is how you’ll receive the most from life, even when you are frustrated or it appears as though things just aren’t going your way. 

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why I have been frustrated lately, and the reflections I have been making about why we need to allow ourselves to live the human experience [2:04]
  • The difference between this and going into a victim place and using it as an excuse [5:58]
  • The art of surrendering to what is being presented to us and some question to ask yourself during these times [10:06]
  • A post I recently did on Instagram and how it ties into today’s topic [15:01]


  • #1: “We all go through these ebbs and flows of life. We all go through these moments where we want things to be different than what they are, when we want to feel differently than how we’re feeling.” [3:43] 
  • #2: “[It’s about] gifting ourselves the place and the space to be so real and so raw with ourselves and see, and allow really, the perfection in what we’re feeling.” [5:33] 
  • #3: “For many of us, myself included, we have this idea that we need to move as quickly as possibly through something that’s uncomfortable, that isn’t a perfect reflection of how we want to be seen or how we want to see ourselves.” [6:26] 
  • #4: “There’s a beauty in the slowing down when we’re in the midst of [going through something uncomfortable] and allowing ourselves to receive everything we can from it.” [8:37]
  • #5: “It’s so easy to forget that the moments of contraction, the moments of slowing down, the moments of intensity, are just as valuable, arguably even more valuable at times, than the moments of expansion.” [10:25]

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      A couple weeks ago, I had a private day with a client and she shared with me how difficult it was for her to structure her day. 

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