Episode 43: Irreplaceable

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Bonjour...I'm Tara

Ohhh this is a big one! In this episode I share a huge reveal about a deep core wound that we all share as women.

The fear of being replaced.

I am inviting all of us to begin this conversation inside of ourselves…..
What does it look like for us to live into the truth that we are irreplaceable, and if we were living into this wisdom, what would our lives really be like?

In this potent episode you’ll hear:

  • Why the fear of being replaced is a deep, feminine wound for so many women [6:39]
  • What happens inside of our FemmeTypes when this fear of being replaced shows up [7:34]
  • What are some of the things we are telling ourselves when we have a fear of being replaced [9:15]
  • An invitation I have for you to claim and honor the truth that you are irreplaceable [11:26]
  • Specific things to look for inside of you, and an exercise you can do to start healing this wound and fear of being replaced [15:13]

I also share with you the upcoming free masterclass, called Irreplaceable  where we’ll take this to the next level and live into the wisdom that we are irreplaceable. You can register now at https://elegantfemme.com/Irreplaceable, and it is my intention that we all, as a collective and as women, feel this deep healing of the archaic wound that is we’re not enough or that we could be replaced.   

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  • #1: “The fear of being replaced is a really deep, core feminine wound for many, if not all, women.” [6:37] 
  • #2: “It’s this feeling inside that you’re not enough, that we’re not enough as who we are, that we have to somehow be more or become more.” [9:13]
  • #3: “Feeling that that external level of success, or their level of success, is necessary in order for you to receive at the level that you’re fully seeking, [makes this] a really potent conversation for us to have.” [10:48]
  • #4: “If you were living into the wisdom that you are irreplaceable, what would you life really be like?” [12:12]

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