Episode 63: What my 5 IVF cycles taught me about getting what we want

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Bonjour...I'm Tara

Today I want to speak about what happens when we don’t get what we want, and how we can utilize this as an opportunity to increase our capacity to receive. I share with you my story of going through 5 IVF cycles in order to get what I desired the most, with the hope that my journey helps you resonate and vibrate on your own heartfelt desires.

In this potent episode you’ll hear: 

  • My story of multiple IVF cycles and the lessons I learned around not getting what we desire in this human experience [8:23]
  • How we have a tendency to view an experiences as either a “success” or a “failure”, and the danger that happens when we do this [14:42]
  • One thing that really supported me on my journey and an important discernment to make about the way to approach desire energy [12:48]
  • Why I want you to realize that sometimes what we truly desire is beyond what we can see [20:11]
  • The opportunity that exists, even when you don’t receive what it is that you desire [22:10]

I’ve put together a PDF with some beautiful questions to support you in deepening this desire energy, which you can get now by clicking here. This resource will help you work with your FemmeTypes and allow you to expand into the frequency and vibration of what I shared today. 

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“When we are leaning into our next level of desire, it often, if not always, doesn’t make sense in the mind. There isn’t an ROI we can see, there isn’t this clear path, even if our mind wants to try to figure it out.” [4:50] 

“This is the other thing we do with our desires. [We say] ‘I’ll feel it if I know I’m going to get it. I’ll go all in if I know it’s going to turn out the way that I want.’” [6:17] 

“We have a tendency in our mind to think that we either succeed or we fail. We either get the thing that we want, or we don’t get the thing that we want. We judge that end result as if something was a success or a failure.” [11:42] 

“Feel into something that you desire and see if you can allow that desire energy to just expand in your body.” [18:07] 

“Whether you get the thing or don’t get the thing [you desire], you have the opportunity to receive all of the desire energy that was poured into the thing, and then some.” [22:10] 

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