Episode 81: Unlocking the Positive Power of Jealousy Using Your FemmeTypes

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As we say inside of Elegant Femme,” it’s not always pretty, but it is always, always beautiful,”  and this is certainly true when it comes to the emotion of jealousy. In this episode, I dive deep into this multifaceted emotion, revealing its hidden potential for personal growth and self-awareness. 

In this potent episode, you’ll hear: 

  • How to approach reconnecting with the first memory you have of experiencing jealousy in your life [3:54]
  • The importance of acknowledging and feeling into our emotions so we can recognize what they really mean [5:58]
  • The way that your FemmeTypes can go inside the emotion of jealousy in order to see what is present for you [9:16]
  • What jealousy and envy mean inside of Elegant Femme [12:55] 

Jealousy is a complex emotion, and I want you to transform it from a negative feeling into a catalyst for profound self-reflection and development. This episode truly is a must-listen for anyone seeking to convert these uncomfortable emotions into stepping stones for personal empowerment and self-discovery!

What has been your experience with jealousy? How has leaning into your FemmeTypes helped you go deeper inside this emotion? Let us know by sending us a DM on Instagram, @taraannmarino or at our new account, @elegantfemme.ef. 

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“It’s not about going through life looking to stay stuck in the emotion of jealousy or envy or competition, they all kind of ride on the same frequency, but it’s also not to resist it, not to be afraid of it and to see what’s truly present inside of it.” [4:16] 

“Whatever it is, that there’s something that I’m jealous of, it can really provide for us an extraordinary reflection that there is a desire there that we’re wanting to experience.” [6:34] 

“[With] an energy like jealousy, the way that I experience it in my body…it’s almost like a burning. There’s a threatening type of energy which can certainly tempt us to close, to back off, to close inside and protect ourselves from the feeling.” [10:27] 

“Instead of getting stuck and contracting inside of the energy and the frequency of jealousy, open up further and [ask] what’s here for me? What is this showing me about what I truly want to enjoy?” [12:55]

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