She claims “losing her leg was the best thing that happened to her”?

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I’m pretty sure I’ve officially written the weirdest subject line you’ve ever seen coming from an EF email.

I’m not trying to be shocking. I’m just repeating what I heard this woman say on an episode of Survivor.

As a family, we used to watch Survivor religiously.

It was one of the few wholesome shows on TV that we could watch with our boys when they were growing up.

For whatever reason, we stopped tuning in few years ago.

The other night Nico and I wanted to do something together, and we decided to start watching the last season of Survivor.

We didn’t even finish episode 1 because he got tired… but that doesn’t matter.

I still walked away with a huge aha.

In the intro scene, they started focusing on some of the characters.

And then they pan to this young girl (in her 20’s?), and she only has one leg!

She had one normal leg, and the other one looked like those robot legs you see Google perfecting in videos online.

Anyway, as the terrible human I am, I say to Nico.

‘That girl is going to get voted out immediately. How can she run on sand? What if she has to swim?’

Remember that we haven’t seen her or any contestants do anything yet.

It’s the first 2 mins. I’m horrible.

(In fairness this game is brutal both physically and mentally. And often contestants don’t want to go to the end next to someone they think will get sympathy votes.)

Jeff Probst, the host, starts talking to the contestants to help the viewers to get to know them.

There were 18 in all.

He keys in on the one-legged woman and asks her story.

She LEADS with a line about how losing her leg was the best thing that happened to her.

How she’s excelled in life despite it. She’s a gold medal runner in the Special Olympics or something.

I was super impressed. I paused the video and talked about how badass this soul is to have that perspective, given the hand she was dealt.

If I recall correctly, she lost her leg at 19. So it’s not even like she had her whole life to create this mindset.

She experienced 2 legs for 19 years. She then had to start over and start living life with one leg.

Why is she doing so well?

It’s her attitude.

She wouldn’t have a gold medal if she was resentful and pissed off at the world. And she wouldn’t be on Survivor.

From now on, when I have negative thoughts about who I am… my abilities… my body… whatever…

I’m going to think about this girl and how inspiring she is.

I mentioned that we didn’t finish the episode, so no spoilers on how the season goes if you happen to watch it.

But I did get to feel like more of an ass in the 40 mins I watched.

On the first challenge, they split each tribe into three parts: runners, swimmers, and puzzle people.

I said to Nico. “Oh no! It’s going to be so hard for her. She’s going to have to do the puzzle…


She swam with a metal leg. She did amazing. And her team won the challenge!

I’m so freaking happy for this girl. No matter how far she goes on the show, she’s got a bright future.

We can all use more positive framing for ourselves.

So let’s look at all our attributes and be thankful for them… Thankful for who we are.

I’ll see you tomorrow.

Dave “no excuses” Marino

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