The relationship “rule” we live by

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Bonjour...I'm Tara

Today I’m sharing a rule Tara and I have that keeps us solid as a couple.

It builds trust. It makes us feel like we’re a team and we have each other’s back.

Before I share the rule and the benefits of it… I have an update on the Moi video I’ve been working on.

It’s done:)

The aimer in me wants to keep perfecting it. But that’s not what we are working on this month is it?

So without further ado. Here she is in all her glory.

I love doing these. It lights me up.

One last thing before I get to the relationship rule we live by.

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OK. Let’s get into this rule Tara, and I follow.

The rule is… we NEVER talk about one another with other people.

We don’t go to our friends or family to vent. Or get advice about something the other said or did, or anything.

If we talk to someone about each other, it’s positive or neutral at best.

The only exception is we will talk to our spiritual/life coaches about things that we’re triggered by with each other.

For example, when Tara totally messes up, I can tell him. Kidding.

We have found keeping external energies clean and positive about our relationship helps in multiple ways.

1. We trust each other. Neither of us has to worry about what the other might say to our friends/family about something we said/did/do/think etc.

We consider our relationship sacred, and we treat it that way.

2. We don’t rehash old issues. Once we clear something amongst ourselves, it’s clear. Depending on the issue, this might take time, but when it’s done, it’s done.

If you bring other people into your arguments/issues, then they will naturally bring it up again to see how you’re doing. And this can reignite old energies and get you upset again.

3. Our relationships with others are better. Since we don’t talk to other people negatively about each other, we aren’t stuck in a cycle of gossip.

Gossip can feel fun in the moment. But deep down it doesn’t feel good for anyone involved in the convo.

People are attracted to light. To good feelings. Less gossip ultimately means more good feelings.

4. We are more trustworthy with friends/family. If I’m talking bad about Tara to my friends/family, then deep down, they would have concerns about what I say about them when they aren’t around.

These are a few of the reasons we never talk badly about one another to other people.

It’s a rule we made early on, and it’s helped us build a relationship that we know we can trust. A relationship we can rely on.

I’ll be back tomorrow with another one for you.

In the meantime, check out my new Moi video.

And as always, feel free to respond to this email and share any thoughts you have. I read them all.

Be good.

Dave “following the rules” Marino

PS. Are you a cliff notes type of person? I won’t tell anyone.

Heres the quick version. Don’t talk to other people in a negative way about your partner. You’ll have more trust and feel closer if you follow this simple rule.

Also I finished the new Moi video. I’m proud of it.

If you want to see it, click one of the links already placed in this email. I’ve done enough linking for the day.

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Dave Marino fell in love with a girl when he was 24. After a shotgun wedding, he grew and evolved... He was stretched along the way by the original Elegant Femme, Tara Marino. Through a stroke of unforeseeable circumstances, he began writing newsletters and now a blog for Elegant Femme which covers his thoughts, struggles, & life lessons learned. Follow him on Instagram @thedavemarino. One day he may decide to post on there. 

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