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Bonjour...I'm Tara

Is there something that you need to let go of in your life? If so, how will you know when the time is right to do it? When sitting for today’s episode, I got an overwhelming feeling of desire energy to look at what happens when we don’t push or try to force something to happen. What came through was the beautiful balancing inside around divine timing, and what happens when we gift ourselves permission to let go of what’s not serving us, and say “YES” to what is.

There’s a beautiful moment where we may be tempted to not let go of something, but we have a deep inner knowing inside that it is indeed time to let go and to trust, and this is what I feel called to share with you today.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • A time in my own life where I had a deep inner knowing that I had to let go of something I was holding on to [4:24]
  • How I transitioned from a traumatic experience to the next phase of my life, and the steps I took that allowed me to do this [8:51]
  • What an upcoming trip to Paris really means in the grand scheme of my Beautiful Soul-Led Life [12:10]
  • The beautiful transformation that begins to happen within when we make that decision to let go of something [13:44]
  • What opportunities can arise when you make the conscious decision to let go [16:22]
  • A powerful action step to take that will help you get started on your own journey of letting go [19:35]


#1: “Gifting myself the opportunity to let go would allow me to come into a deeper integration of who I truly was, and to be able to show back up in France that way was what I was feeling.” [11:50]

#2: “When we are called to let go of something in our lives, it can feel like it will be gone forever, and sometimes letting go provides a transformation for that thing, that person, whatever it might be, to come back into our lives in bigger and more aligned ways.” [13:44]

#3: “You just know at this particular point in your life that chapter has closed. It doesn’t mean you won’t ever revisit it, it doesn’t mean that person or location won’t ever come back into your life, it means you are being called to have an additional experience.” [15:56]

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