Episode 25: What you are really seeking

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What is the experience you are seeking? Here at Elegant Femme, I am always thinking about how we can increase our capacity to receive, and how we can increase our capacity for pleasure, without falling into the trap of doing too much, being stressed, and getting stuck in a scarcity mindset. Today’s episode is a message on what we should really be seeking, and how a Beautiful Soul-Led Life is really all about the experience, versus the results that we so often focus on.

The end of 2022 is bringing forward an extraordinary opportunity for massive activation, and how we choose to align our energy and what it is we choose to be in harmony with is going to set forward the trajectory for 2023 and beyond, in a way we’ve never seen before!

With this in mind, this coming Friday is our Calm Confidence masterclass, a powerful, free online event that will support you in activating your intuition as a modern woman, gifting yourself permission to ask what you desire so you can receive what you require, and in a very specific way. If you’d like to dive deeper into this conversation, you can register now for the masterclass by going to https://elegantfemme.com/confidence. If you have any questions about what this training is about and will bring you, please reach out to info@elegantfemme.com, and we can’t wait to see you there!

If you are new to the show, or have been listening all along, we want to hear from you! If this episode inspires you in some way, take a screenshot of you listening on your device and post it to your Instagram Stories, and tag @elegantfemme1. J’adore if you would share, rate and review the show on your favorite podcast app, as it will help this message reach more listeners, and change more lives.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why the seasonal transition and is so important to the creation process, in both nature and each of our lives [4:02] 
  • Specific questions to ask yourself and to reflect on as we transition into the remainder of this year [5:19] 
  • How natural evolution and growth, in my opinion, includes additional expansion around wealth [6:45] 
  • The way I use all of the the FemmeTypes to structure my week [7:29]
  • An illusion that occurs around desire energy and what can happen that lowers our self-confidence [9:45] 
  • The two elements that activate desire energy [10:55] 
  • A reminder that even though it’s easy to get attached to achievements, life really isn’t about the results [11:50] 
  • Exercises you can do daily that will open up desire energy and a soul conversation [16:45] 
  • A common place where people often get stuck in this process [18:40]


  • #1: “No matter what phase you’re in, there’s a beautiful segway that I think naturally happens and supports us when we move from August into September. Really the end or beginning of any month is a beautiful segway for us to close the month and celebrate what it is we received, and for us to set our intention forward on what it is we desire to co-create next in our lives.” [3:37]
  • #2: “Over the [last] three months, now what do you know about who you are? How did you evolve over the past three months? Celebrate and have gratitude for it, and anchor it in. It’s so natural for us to go on to the next thing.” [5:19]
  • #3: “Feel into that energy for yourself around the gratitude of whatever it is you’ve experienced over the last few months, to support you in moving forward into more of whatever it is that you desire.” [8:19]
  • #4: “All of these things in the long run lower self-confidence. They distance us from trusting ourselves, and it ends up closing our capacity to receive.” [10:43]
  • #5: “Maybe you’re saying you don’t even know what the thing [you want] is, or you don’t know what you want, and it’s been so long you don’t even trust yourself or you feel like you don’t even know what it is you want. Ask yourself what the experience is that you are seeking, and see how this shifts the energy for you.” [16:29] 

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A couple weeks ago, I had a private day with a client and she shared with me how difficult it was for her to structure her day. 

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