Episode 26: Following your intuition with confidence

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Bonjour...I'm Tara

As I record this episode, today was the launch of the Fall and Winter collection for Elegant Femme, and I made a really big decision that I want to share with you. I’ll be talking about what to do when we know that something is no longer serving us, even if it may look perfect on the outside to others.

As we transition to Fall, there is a natural tendency to move towards that feeling of letting go, which is why I believe it’s the perfect time for this message. What I’d love for you to receive from this episode is that inner knowing that there is an opportunity to allow things to come to completion, and you don’t have to know what’s next. Don’t ignore or deny your intuition, and allow yourself to follow it – with confidence.

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What you need to do when something is no longer serving you or is not congruent with your next level of evolution and growth [3:51] 
  • How to really feel gratefulness and assess if you’re actually feeling this way right now [5:33] 
  • What happens when we view our Beautiful Soul-Led Life through the lens and the frequency of gratitude [8:22] 
  • An exercise you can use to help release the ego and get more in a state of receiving [10:30] 
  • The role that the FemmeTypes play when we start to trust our own intuition [11:45] 
  • A big decision I made for Elegant Femme and the reason that I am sharing it with you here [17:10]


  • #1: “When we know it’s no longer bringing forward that life force, that it may look beautiful on the outside, it may look perfect on the outside, it might be a situation that anybody else would love, but you know inside it’s no longer worker, it’s no longer turning you on, it’s no longer congruent with your next level of evolution and growth, then it’s time to bring it to completion.” [3:51]
  • #2: “When we enter through the lens and the frequency of gratitude, and then love, there’s a potency to the desire energy that in my experience is really, really, expansive.” [8:22]
  • #3: “Friendships and romantic relationships, if they aren’t in alignment and they are no longer serving you with where you’re being called, they must come to completion.” [12:19]
  • #4: “I know that as I trust myself to follow my intuition and honor my sacred oui, that I’m moved into higher levels of spiritual evolution, and anything I no longer require must come to completion.” [13:34]
  • #5: “It’s normal. When we’re following our intuition, when we’re following our inner guidance, when we’re activating our Indie, it doesn’t mean that we’re not human. It’s how we respond, how we react, and how we continue to follow through on the guidance that we’re given.” [21:38]

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