Episode 48: The Power of Sensuality

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Recently, I took part in a summit where we had some gorgeous conversations around not only the FemmeTypes, but also about the beginning of my journey inside of Elegant Femme, which felt really beautiful to share and review. 

One question was around how I am able to be all of who I am, and the way that I allow myself to anchor with, and reside in, my sensuality as my life and business have involved. 

What I come back to, again and again, is how the FemmeTypes are rooted in the power of sensuality, which is why I felt called to talk about this today. 

In this potent episode you’ll hear:

  • A look back at the very beginning of Elegant Femme [3:11]
  • The unique way that we teach sensuality inside of Elegant Femme [5:16]
  • How we as women often have the tendency to judge sensuality as not spiritual and only physical [7:20]
  • The role that the ego plays in trying to prevent us from moving above and beyond the “knowing” [10:09]
  • Questions you can ask yourself right now to help you connect to your sensuality, and having more freedom [13:15]
  • Exciting details on an exciting giveaway we’re having where one podcast listener will win an amazing prize [15:40]

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“Some women have said that sensuality is manipulative, or that it’s weak or that it’s not as valuable, or that it’s ‘this’ kind of energy. So, we have a tendency to judge sensuality as not spiritual; we have a tendency to judge it as only physical.” [7:20] 

“The ego hates the idea of moving really above and beyond the knowing, because the ego feels safe in the knowing, the ego can be right in the knowing and the ego can attach itself to the 100 percent guarantee in the knowing.” [10:09] 

“How connected are you to your sensuality? Are you living into your senses, what you see, what you smell, what you taste, what you touch, what you hear? Then look at the 6th and 7th senses; the sense of intuition and the sense of receiving.” [13:15] 

“Start to draw a little connection point there for yourself between sensuality and freedom. Are you living into your freedom? What would it look like for you to live into your next experience of freedom?” [13:44] 

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