Episode 47: How to Enhance Magnetism in Your Relationship with Special Guest Dave Marino

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Bonjour...I'm Tara

Today I am joined by a very special guest, my husband Dave, as we both wanted to come together to give you an idea of how things are in our life and marriage. 

In this episode, we share how we got to where we are right now, being together for over 23 years and married for 22 of them, and cover so many of the things that we value so much in our relationship.

In this potent episode you’ll hear:

  • The story of our wedding and our thoughts on that special day [5:16]
  • The ways in which we both support each other in our dreams, even if they might be different [10:14]
  • What is the main boundary that we never cross in our marriage [16:33]
  • Why we don’t blame each other when one of us is upset [19:35]
  • A look at our parenting values and how they contribute to our partnership and marriage [23:42]
  • Dave’s insight on us being the best versions of ourselves, to benefit us as a married couple and as individuals [30:27]

As you’ll hear, we have a pretty amazing relationship and we consider ourselves very lucky to have found each other. We have learned a lot during our time together and we were called to share them with you here on the podcast, and we hope you can get value in what we’ve experienced (so far) on our journey together.

We appreciate you joining us, and if you do have a question for Dave or myself, or a question on relationships you’d like answered, please email info@elegantfemme.com and let us know so that we can support you! 

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  • “I think a lot of people, and I was one of them, buy into the misunderstanding that things have to be perfect. I was in a relationship before Dave and everything was perfect on paper. It was very logical, and Dave and I met in a bar.” [Tara, 6:37]
  • “Having a few core things that we both like, [such as] we both like adventure and we both love travel, that helps us be closer.” [Dave, 13:50]
  • “I get the deeper intention of having a place to verbalize, but for us it is a clear 100 percent ‘no.’ This is a sacred space, a sacred relationship, a sacred level of intimacy, and I will not talk negatively about Dave to anyone.” [Tara, 17:01]
  • “If you’re in partnership, whether you’re struggling, you just want to enhance things, or maybe things are frickin’ amazing and you’re [wondering] what the next level of juiciness is for you, sit down and have a conversation with your partner.” [Tara, 28:38]
  • “We want the best partner out there for us. Whether you’re married or single, we’re always wanting the best person to sit across from us. Are we showing up how we can be the best, and are we treating ourselves the best?” [Dave, 30:34]

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