Episode 79: Kathleen Healy Unveiled: A Deep Dive into Holistic Healing, Self-Care, and Empowerment

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Bonjour...I'm Tara

The special guest I have for you today is someone that I know very well, as I’ve been in her life since she was born. In this episode, you’ll meet my own cousin, 

Kathleen Healy, a holistic health coach with a profound story of transformation and dedication. Kathleen’s journey from dreaming of becoming a health coach to actualizing her dream is deeply inspiring, and I just knew her story could help listeners of this podcast. 

In this episode, Kathleen candidly shares her personal struggles, including her battle with self-image and unhealthy relationships with food during her youth, and how these experiences shaped her compassionate, client-centered approach to health coaching.

This episode is not about weight loss. This episode is about so much more, and yet if you’re in a position in your life where you are feeling an ache and a pain with the way that you’re currently relating to your body, this is for you.

In this potent episode, you’ll hear: 

  • Kathleen’s incredible healing story and the transformation that her body and health went through to get to where she is today [7:34]
  • The inner process that happened when she stopped dancing and how she eventually returned to doing what she loved after a time of healing [13:25]
  • The way Kathleen knew that it was time for her to follow her heart and build her health coaching business helping others [20:59]
  • Her advice for people that have children or may be too busy to take care of themselves, and a glimpse of some of the progress her clients have made since beginning to work with her [32:17]
  • A “golden nugget” from Kathleen that she wants you to leave this episode with [47:00]
  • What the vision looks like for Kathleen as she creates her own Beautiful Soul-Led Life [48:50] 

Kathleen’s holistic approach goes beyond mere weight loss; it’s about nurturing the soul, understanding individual challenges, and fostering a supportive environment for profound, sustainable change. She emphasizes the importance of building trust and relationships in the healing process, recognizing that true transformation is as much about mindset and emotional well-being as it is about physical health, and I’m so excited that she gets to share her journey with you today. 

Did this conversation with Kathleen help you heal in any way? Let us know what resonated most with you from this episode! You can DM Kathleen, @kathleenhealyhhc, and we can be reached at @taraannmarino or at our new account, @elegantfemme.ef.
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“It was like a balance of [people] holding my hand and celebrating the little things that might not seem like a big deal to anyone else, but when in pain, I needed that support and I find most people do need that.” [Kathleen, 11:20] 

“There’s a level of self-care that I’m still uncovering for myself. It’s definitely not one of my strengths, but as I start to lose weight and feel better, that’s what I’ve been getting better at.” [Kathleen, 12:14] 

“People come across your life and they believe, they light you on fire [and] they make you feel alive. Sometimes that’s all we need, one person to come in and say ‘you got this, you can do it.’” [Kathleen, 17:37] 

“I don’t want anyone to ever feel that they’re alone, because when I was in pain I did feel alone.” [Kathleen, 31:05]

“You’ve got to take that leap of faith and go a hundred percent in. Some people are ready and some people aren’t, and everyone comes to that point at a different time. That’s ok, but you’ve got to be willing to go there.” [Kathleen, 34:34] 

Links & Resources:

Kathleen’s Instagram & Facebook Group 

*Note for Tara – guest’s website https://www.kathleenhealyholistichealthcoach.com/ isn’t loading! (I tried https://www.kathleenhealyhhc.com/ too

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A couple weeks ago, I had a private day with a client and she shared with me how difficult it was for her to structure her day. 

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