Episode 23: Ask For What You Desire…

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I actually recorded an earlier version of this week’s episode, but I couldn’t release it to you as I wasn’t feeling aligned with it. The energy wasn’t quite there after I stopped recording. Today, I’m going to still cover the things that I wanted to talk about, but this time with an additional nuance that I want to bring forward about desire energy.

My intention inside of this episode is that we feel into the potency of desire energy from a couple of different vantage points. I don’t want you to dim your desires any longer or make them smaller, because to me, the asking for what you desire in this world is the most vulnerable, most beautiful and the most feminine place you can embody in your Beautiful Soul-Led Life.

You can register for my Calm Confidence masterclass now, by going to https://elegantfemme.com/confidence. This masterclass will allow you to hear, listen and respond to your intuition with the confidence to receive your desires, and I can’t wait to see you there.

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Certain things we will go through, especially as women, when diving into desire energy [6:16]
  • The innate understanding I had as a young girl about my own desire energy [7:00]
  • What desire energy really is, and the permission you can gift yourself right now to feel into this energy [7:50]
  • The way to know if what you’re feeling is a heartfelt desire [10:55]
  • What is happening when you dim your desires and make them smaller, and the reasons I want you to ask for what you truly desire [14:35]
  • One way to tell if you are on a desire track and desire frequency [18:06]
  • How the Faux Types often get in the way of desire energy [20:01]


  • #1: “I had an innate understanding as a young girl of what I wanted. I was very, very drawn to beauty and elegance, and big kind of dreams.” [7:00]
  • #2: “I think all of us have had a reflection or a perception of a reflection in our lives where we’ve been told or we interpreted it as that wasn’t ok, that what we wanted wasn’t ok. What I see with my clients, and I certainly experienced myself, is that over time we tend to dim our desires.” [7:50]
  • #3: “If you go for some length of time where you start to doubt your desires, where you change your desire energy, you dim your desires, where you make your desires smaller because you think it’s going to be safer or think it’s going to be more possible, over time what happens is we move the intimate connection with desire energy.” [14:35]
  • #4: “When you’re on a desire track, or when you’re on a desire frequency, you can tell, because the rest of the world will question you. The rest of the world will tell you why it’s not possible.” [18:06]

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