Episode 52: What If You Don’t Get What You Want?

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What happens when you don’t get what it is you desire, that thing you really want? In this episode, you’ll hear about a specific time this happened in my own life, and how I gained an awareness that there are gifts in the experience of not getting what you want.

I want us to give ourselves permission to lean into whatever life is, to wherever the life force is, to live into our Beautiful Soul Led Life, and not just sit on the sidelines.

Going all in is scary, but if it’s for the higher good, God, Universe, however you frame it, then it always delivers.

In this potent episode you’ll hear:

  • My personal story of going through a time when I didn’t get what I wanted and the lessons that I took from this [4:01]
  • What was the hardest thing for me, looking back, to process through that personal experience [9:35]
  • The gift that came to me by not getting what I wanted then [12:58]
  • How so many of us are conditioned by society to need a guarantee before going all in on what it is we want [15:09]
  • The surprising awareness I gained from the experience I share about today and what it has made me realize [16:01] 


“Not only was I angry with God, confused and not understanding how I could have such a deep desire on my heart and have this experience, but also my ego, in all transparency, was really embarrassed.” [8:01] 

“This is what I mean when I say ‘living into and experiencing our Beautiful Soul-Led Life.’ It’s not standing on the sidelines and having a great thesis about what it is.” [11:14] 

“I do get it. I know personally, deeply, that risking the desire energy, risking not getting what we want, risking going all in, is so scary. We’re taught that we need a 100 percent guarantee, which is why so many of us just wait.” [15:09]

“Here’s what I’m aware of now, which honestly blows my mind. I really thought I knew what was best for me; I really deeply thought that having a physical baby was going to be the best thing for me in my life, but God knew differently.” [16:01] 

“I wouldn’t change a thing, because I lived through an experience. I trusted myself to go all in on something I deeply, deeply desired, and God delivered.” [18:01] 

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